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Corporate Chair Massage


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Welcome to A Professional Massage                                               

We are a Florida based company providing Chair Massage for all your event needs. 

Our staff of licensed massage therapists is available for:
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Employee’s wellbeing
  • Enhance your trade show booth
  • Health fairs 
  • Holiday parties
  • Corporate Events 

Employee Appreciation
Whether you're promoting corporate wellness or simply showing employee appreciation.  Treat your hard working staff by offering employees a 15 or 20 minute chair massage in the workplace is a reward they will all appreciate and a great way to get some positive energy flowing at the office!

Trade Shows
Be the best at your next convention by having chair massage available to your clients and potential clients.  Get them to stop for longer periods of time at your booth.

How it Works

  • An average of 4 people per hour, per therapist will receive a massage
  • More than 15 people two or more massage therapists will work simultaneously
  • All you’ll need to do is designate a clear area at least 5’ x 5

Reduce office tension or reward fellow employees by letting us melt away their stress.  We will send our best therapists to your office to give your team the refreshed feeling they all deserve with on-site corporate chair massage.


The person receiving the chair massage:
  • Will sit comfortably, fully clothed on a specially designed portable massage chair 
  • The massage therapist uses a variety of techniques to relieve tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles, reducing stress and increasing productivity 


Let us make your events a Huge Success!


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