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Events & Trade Shows

Why have chair massages at your booth? 

When you have invested large sums of money for a booth, setup, displays, employees and printed materials you need potential customers to visit your booth.  How do you get them to stay long enough to hear your message?  One of the best methods is to capture their attention with Chair Massage. 

We have worked many events and have had tremendous success with capturing their attention for longer periods of time.  Many people have commented on how extremely tired they are at trade shows.  Imagine the last trade show you attended. Most people are required to park and walk great distances, carry their booth displays, walk large trade show floors and sleep in uncomfortable hotel beds.  When they see a booth with massage available they are excited to stop and spend time. 

You may not realize it, but more companies today are using onsite seated massages as a tool to promote themselves through wellness at special events and beyond.

Why?  Because event massage services work. Relaxed people are happy and productive people. Whether they are your potential clients or your employees, trade show massage services translate into better business for you.

A portable event massage chair will draw many people to your booth, and increase the potential for more sales opportunities!  They will walk away with a relaxed and positive feeling, and they will remember you and your product.

Services Available:

  • Lavender Aromatherapy – promotes relaxation
  • Peppermint Aromatherapy – promotes energy
  • Personalized Message with Head Phones during the massage
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