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About Us

A Professional Massage was founded by Andrew and Victoria Kania.  Andrew began his career over 15 years ago as a mobile massage therapist.  His passion for the health and well being of others was so great that he wanted to expand into helping more and more people.  Ten years ago when he met his wife she was working in the stressful world of finance.  After meeting Andrew and learning how beneficial massage was to the body she was a believer.  Her career path transitioned from stress to wellness and a passion to help others. 

Together they worked for years trying to spread the word of massage and help others.  The idea of corporate massage transitioned naturally when they were asked to come weekly to a large office in Orlando, FL.  The word spread about them and they were requested more and more.  Today they have grown into a team with other therapists and cover many cities throughout Florida. 

"I am so happy to see the effects of massage and am still blown over by its healing power.  Every time I see someone come to the chair in pain or with a chronic problem, spend 20 minutes or so in the chair, and then leave feeling completely new makes me enjoy every minute of helping someone!" ...Andrew, Owner

"I love looking for new ways to make our chair massage different and more comforting to people.  I have included aromatherapy in all massages because the power of the scents can help with the calming process." ...Victoria, Owner

"The best part of my week is looking forward to the massages coming to my office. My employees thank me profusely, but I am always the first in line!"...Randy, client

"The work they did at our company health fair was awesome! They knocked it out of the ballpark"....Natasha, client
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